New accuser emerges in Rick Pendland case

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By Shane Farley
June 5, 2012 - 12:50:37 am

More charges could be coming soon for an Ark City man who is facing multiple counts of child molestation.

A preliminary hearing already is set Friday for Rick Pendland, a man arrested last fall for sex-related crimes he is accused of committing. Police and prosecutors confirmed Monday that another potential victim has emerged in the case.

So far, no formal charges have been filed regarding the allegations from what would be a sixth victim in the case, Cowley County Attorney Chris Smith said.

Smith said he would need to know more before determining what, if any, additional counts are filed against Pendland, a former middle school teacher.

The potential victim, a male, said he was victimized when he lived at the Pendland residence in 2010.

Pendland was arrested last year based on allegations from two people he is accused of victimizing. Since then, he has been charged in connection with claims from three other victims.

His bond is set at over $300,000 and he remains in the custody of the county jail.

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